Maple Ridge

Maple Ridge

20690 Lougheed Hwy
Maple Ridge
B.C. V2X 2P8

Phone 604.457.2888

Hours: 11:30am - 10pm Sun to Thurs
11:30am - 11pm Fri & Sat

Information Maple Ridge Wings is now open to people of all ages! Located on Lougheed Hwy and 207th, the former Buffalo Club has now become the latest addition to your addiction. We are open and proud to be a member of the Maple Ridge community. We look forward to hosting your parties, events and fulfilling all your dining requirements. Watch this website or join our mailing list for all the updates and news.

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  1. gwadmin says:


    Yes, we feel exactly the same as you do, it’s been a struggle and we’ve had more difficulties than we anticipated. We are still doing all we can to make the change over and welcome families. Please keep your eyes open because as soon as we get it, we will do all we can to make sure everyone knows we’re finally open for children.
    Thank you again for your interest we really appreciate your support and look forward to serving you in the near future.

  2. Dee says:


    Are you family friendly yet? You have had that ‘note’ on your website since your opening…would be nice to bring the family – any idea when you might be?

    Getting tired of Red Robins.

  3. gwadmin says:

    Lori, you’ve made a dreary day sunny. While we appreciate comments both positive and negative – they both help us get better and understand exactly how I guests perceive us – notes like yours are wonderful to get and are the whole reason we exist in the first place. To offer great food at reasonable prices, enveloped in an atmosphere that is both welcoming and comfortable.
    Thank you again for your feedback it is much appreciated and I’ll share it with everyone in the Maple Ridge location.

  4. Lori says:

    My husband and i have been to your pub a couple of times in this new year and we have had a wonderful experience each time. Both times our server was Rhonda and she is a fantastic server – never let her go! she is always very pleasant and very helpful (I have dietary issues so I ask a lot of questions). we are always greeted at the reception desk right away and seated promptly. the hostess always tells us the specials and is very pleasant too. we both find the food excellent and we feel it is priced right … not expensive as stated by another customer’s comment. compared to the previous owners of this pub, we find the food, atmosphere, servers and price 1000 times better. we will definitely be back and will bring our friends with us too! thanks for the great time!

  5. gwadmin says:


    First, Thank you for giving us your feedback, it’s very important to us. Your experience was not typical and for that we apologize. The showing of ID’s is something we take very seriously, the Government is very black and white about what we are required to do and the penalties for not following the regulations. If all of your guests appeared near age of majority then absolutely they should have all been asked to provide ID. It’s very difficult to comment on the situation after the fact. Regardless, we do apologize for the inconvenience and your experience. We ask that in future, with our restaurants or in fact, any restaurant – whenever a situation arises, please do request to speak with a Manager, it’s one of their primary duties to ensure each and every guest is satisfied with their visit and to handle any out of the ordinary situations that may arise.

    Again, we truly appreciate your feedback and should you wish further clarification please feel free to contact either Head Office or Maple Ridge management directly.

    Thank You

  6. not impressed says:

    Dear Wing’s maple ridge,
    i recently had a great night at your establishment, unfortunately the good times were only due to meeting with friends i had not seen for a while, and the canucks winning a 5-0 shutout against the ducks.
    the moment my girlfriend and i walked in, we were prompted for ID. great. always impressed with places that make a point of people needing id, i feel that that is very important. i was on an interim license and did not have photo id however so the hostess sent me home to get my passport after asking the manager and then lecturing me about how badly they could be fined for letting me in. so i took the half hour car ride home and back to get my passport, leaving my girlfriend there alone for about 20 minutes before my friends showed up. when i got back i showed her my id and she gladly let me in.
    now here’s the kicker.
    she gave me a whole spiel about how she couldnt let me in without id due to fines and being shut down, and sent me all the way home to grab my passport, but, she didnt id a single one of my other friends who showed up while i was out getting it. some of which were clearly younger than me, and could just as easily look underaged as i. to me, that is very wrong, and you should definitely look into making sure your hostesses dont pick and choose who needs to show id at a table of younger people. i was, (am) very upset but never said anything to any of the staff, because its not really my style.
    i also found the food to be far overpriced for the portions given, which i understand is probably out of your control considering wings is a franchise, but i was also billed for additional items i did not order, which i didnt realize until i was in my car leaving and doing the math in my head.

    your waitresses are nice. canucks won.
    sorry, not an enjoyable expierience.

  7. gwadmin says:

    Hello Coop,

    Please accept our sincere apologies, obviously we never want any of our guests to be treated as you were, particularly in a new location and during the resumption of hockey. Not be promptly addressed upon entering the restaurant and then having some attention almost immediately upon getting settled is our policy and in this instance it sounds like we weren’t able to provide you with that experience. I can assure you we will discuss this with staff and management at the Maple Ridge location and further assure you this is not something likely to be repeated – not only in our Maple Ridge store but in any of our locations.

    You caught us stumbling but hope that one experience doesn’t preclude your giving us another chance to impress you with our food and service.

    Thank You

  8. not impressed says:

    Hi,My wife and i stopped by your maple ridge rest. last night after
    the hockey game , the waitress was talking with a table when we walked in and she said to sit anywhere, so we found a booth and waited over 10 minutes and this same waitress was still talking to the table and we had not been served by anybody, so we got up and walked out. I hate to say it, but your restaurant does not have a very good reputation
    but we decided to give it a try anyways. needless to say, dont expect us back anytimne soon, maybe that explains why your restuarant only had 4 tables with customers. We then went to red robins, which was packed by the way and had a bite there.

    I hope you guys get your restuarant fixed before someone looses all his money!

    (a local business owner who spends a lot of time dining out, especially in maple ridge so that I dont have to drive far after a few drinks)

  9. gwadmin says:


    Thank you for your note, Most location do have an event for the Superbowl, often with food and drink specials, check back on this website or at the location you are interested in for details… and we’ll see you there

  10. vee says:

    Hi there! we love your pub! hope you are having a superbowl party….are you?

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