Can You Handle The Heat?

Beijing Palace

Sweet, zesty Kung Pao spices.

Spanish Heat

Smoky, chipotle flavours will have you saying caliente.

Calgary Cajun-Bacon

Spices not even the Stampede can compete with.

Olde English White Chedda’

Cheesy wings from the English village of Cheddar.

Mexican Baja Chipotle

Smokey, sweet with a hint of sunny citrus.

East Meets West

The sweetness of the East, and the heat of the West.

Jammin’ Jamaican

Jerk spice, straight from the islands.

East Van Zingers

As eclectic & loved as East Van, Smoky chipotle, zingy mustard.


Seasoned with authentic Greek spice for a nice crunch.

Texas Dry Rub

Rubbed the Texas way.

Honey Garlic

By now, it’s a classic.

Tokyo Teriyaki

A harajuku favourite tossed with sesame seeds.

Chicago Salt & Pepper

Al Capone liked them, so should you.

Outback BBQ

It’s rough out there, these will help you survive.

Sweet Thai

They don’t make them like this in Bangkok.

Italian Roasted Red Pepper

Roasted, ground and rolled over our fresh wings.

Canadian Maple Bourbon

As Canadian as, well, maple syrup…with a hint of bourbon.

BC Back-Country Bacon

Smoky and sweet. Can’t believe there’s no bacon.

Bombay Pineapple

South Asian favourite of blended curry spice and sweet pineapple.

Louisiana Sweet

Sweet and hot like chili-infused honey from the Bayou.

Bula Fiji

The spicy garlic taste will take you away to Fiji.


Loaded with flavour, these wings still pack some heat.

Chilean Chili

The city of Santiago wishes they’d discovered it first.

Jakarta Heat

Hot enough to break a sweat.

The Bobby Wing

These bad boys really pack a punch. Release form required.

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