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BBQ Chicken + Bacon Flatbread

bbq chicken, cheese, smokehouse bacon, bell peppers + onions with smoky bbq sauce 14

Butter Chicken Flatbread
rich butter chicken, cheese, tomatoes + cilantro  14
Margherita Flatbread
rich marinara sauce, cheeses, tomatoes + basil pesto  13
Bacon Mac + Cheese Flatbread

creamy mac + cheese, smokehouse bacon, topped with more cheese  13

Hat Trick
an order of wings, garlic cheese toast + yam fries & roasted red pepper aioli 19¾
sub Cauli’ Wingerz
Sheet Pan Nachos
house made chips, loaded with cheese, tomatoes, olives, jalapeños + green onions. Served with sour cream + pico de gallo 21 ½
add spicy beef or chicken +8
add guacamole +3
half nachos

all the greatness, half the size  15
add spicy beef or chicken 4 ¾

cayenne spiced calamari, green onions. Served with tzatziki  13 ¾
Dry Ribs
tossed in sea salt + cracked black pepper  13
Big Texas Fries
fries tossed in Tex-mex seasoning topped cheese, tomatoes, jalapeños + green onions. Served with bbq sauce  12 ¾
add spicy beef or chicken 4 ¾
Meatballs Marinara

all beef meatballs + marinara sauce. Served with garlic toast   11 ½

Potato Skins

smokehouse bacon, caramelized onions + cheeses. Served with sour cream   13

Street Tacos
three crispy cod or spicy chicken tacos, slaw,
buffalo sauce, sriracha lime aioli + pico de gallo 14
Chicken Strips
crispy breaded chicken with dipping sauce  11 ¾
Mozzarella Sticks
with marinara sauce  12 ¼
Yam Fries
with roasted red pepper aioli  9 ¾
*Gluten Smart with some modifications