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BC V3W 4Z1

Phone 604.596.2244

Hours: 11am - 12am Sun to Thurs
11am - 2am Fri & Sat

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  1. Matt says:




  2. gwadmin says:

    Thank You for you very kind words, we always love to hear when we’ve treated one of our guests to a great dining experience. We encourage you to sign up for our newsletter to receive special offers, coupons and all the latest information about special events. It’s the best way to find out what’s going in in Surrey and every other location.
    Thank you again and have a great day, can’t wait for you to come back and try some different flavours.

  3. rachel & eric says:

    My husband and I was in Wings, a couple nights ago and I’ve had the best experience I’ve had in a long time. Normally when we go into Wings especially on Sundays we get “Ok” service but it was different. my husband and I got a server who answered every question we had with no hesitation and she even recommend many types of popular items, as well as her favorites. We felt very welcomed. She asked us questions about our jobs and she even talked a little bit about herself. She was informing us that shortly she’d be expecting soon and wouldn’t be working here for a while, which was sad but she let us know there are many other servers who are amazing here.

    Our food was good except the wings could have had just a bit more sauce.
    Other than that we had a wonderful date, and we will be coming back very soon!
    Good job Wings!

  4. gwadmin says:

    Most location have the famous WINGS specials all day Sunday, with the exception of the Granville location, who runs the special every day from 2pm until 5pm and White Rock who also runs the special on Wednesday. Please contact the individual restaurant if you would like further clarification. Thank for dropping us a line.

  5. mitrA says:

    what days are wings on sale

  6. Natalie says:

    I was here last night with my family for the first time at this location, and i got to say .. it wasnt the best experience ive had. first and foremost, i had a waitress stare my sister down, for what? which i thought was stupid. and the lighting at our table was so dim, making it hard to see. and lastly, we had a spanish mexican waitress who did not introduce herself to us, but instead simply asked us ” what would you like to eat ” rather then introducing herself to us .. what kind of service is that? our waitress was so snobby looking because we were youngin’s and had a snobby facial expression through out the night she was serving us, and let me just add … she was lucky i even tipped her. i wanted to ask for the manager to speak to them about this snobby waitress and it makes me wonder how she got the job there and why they even hired her when she was so snobby looking. even the hostess gave us a better service she was so polite, and even apologized for having us wait 20 minutes to get our table. i didnt even like our waitress and i would have requested another waitress that night ( but i dont know if we could do that ) and funny how we got the wings beore we got our plates, napkins and buckets. horrible service from this waitress, never going there again.

  7. gwadmin says:

    Hello Rose,

    Please accept our sincere apologies, while we feel it’s important to show our appreciation for our hard working staff, that’s no excuse for allowing it to hinder the experience of our guests. No excuses, we stumbled and because of it your experience was less than the remarkable we aim for… We have addressed several of the things you mentioned and expect your experience and the experience of other guests will not be repeated at following staff appreciation parties.

    Thank you very much for voicing your concerns, it helps us get better.

  8. gwadmin says:


    Thank you for your comment, please accept our apologies for the washroom conditions. While it’s true that Sundays can get pretty crazy, that’s still no excuse for falling down on the basics like keeping the facilities clean. It is our policy to check the washroom throughout the day, irregardless – we will endeavour to maintain the same high standards we always aspire to in all our restaurants, to ensure not only the satisfaction of our guests but ourselves.

  9. Rose meyer says:

    i just thought I’d comment, my family went to wings last night for a birthday celebration. we are fairly regular patrons of wings, but last night i was very disappointed. the service was poor probably due to some kind of wings staff party! This party was rather disruptive as almost everyone within the party group seemed to be helping themselves to pictures of beer and visiting the kitchen staff far to often for my concerns of cleanliness. the wings were terrible, they were all skin and little chicken, it’s like they were so dried out there was no meat on them at all. the undercard combo came with tortilla chips rather then what wing’s on line menu indicates “chippers”. I’d like a response to comments please

  10. ashley says:

    i was in last night with family, 2nd time in a month. I notice that your washroom is very dirty. Sink area has a pink slime and also on tap. toilet bowl has a yellow ring inside. when was management in side to check the condition of washrooms, i understand that sundays are very busy but someone should keep washroons clean and tidy. Washrooms show the cleaniess of a reataurant.
    thanks, hope it is clean next time i visit???

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