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Provide a complete description of ALL the goods and services the prospective merchant will be selling/supplying to their customers

  • US$ or CND$

Merchants Shipping Policy/Procedure should advise customer of cost of shipping and time of delivery
Merchant provides their customers with their business address and phone number, in case a customer needs to contact the merchant for further inquiries about the products/services advertised or purchased through a merchant’s website. The Business Address can not be a PO Box and must match the Business Address details on OMS.

  • Address of the merchant’s permanent establishment.
  • Customer Service contact, including electronic mail address or telephone number.

Website terms and conditions should provide information about the website content and how visitors to the website are or are not permitted to use it. A standard Terms & Conditions page may include:

  • Acceptance – the merchant notifies users that by accepting their Terms & Conditions, they agree to the merchant’s given rules.
  • Information about the Products/Services the merchant sells or provides.
  • Terms of Delivery and Payment.
  • Warranties the merchant may offer on the products/services they sell.
  • Limitation of Liability – which obligations to the user, the merchant may/may not fulfill.


A Privacy Policy should state how the merchant will respect the privacy of their website users. It states what information the merchant will gather, how they will use it, and how they will keep it secure.
Privacy Policy may include, but is not limited to, info on the following:

  • Log Files and Cookies
    Registration and Use of Personal
  • Information – what personal data will the merchant collect
  • Security – how is personal data stored and used
    To whom/how the personal data may be disclosed
  • How the merchant will inform users about policy Legal Disclaimers

A refund policy should be clear and simple to understand. A good refund policy will normally answer the following questions:

  • Do you accept refunds?
  • Is there a time limit?
  • Under what conditions will the merchant not accept a return (package opened, product used, etc)?
  • Where does the customer ship the return?
  • Will the merchant refund the customer’s money in the same way they paid for it?
  • Is there a restocking fee?

When completing an order, cardholder is required to either “click to accept” or an affirmative action
An approved merchant will be placed on reserve funding, which will hold all of their funds; if their website is not fully functional at the time of boarding.
The merchant will need to contact the Sales Rep once the website is compliant to the standards of the checklist and the Sales Rep will need to advise Credit for them to complete their review.Once Credit reviews the application and the site is compliant the reserve will be removed. If the nature of business on the website has changed from the original application Credit will contact the Sales Rep to submit another order